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Task 2.1: Hydrogravimetry

Bottom Hydrogravimetry : changes in the CZ water mass (soil and groundwater) Principle Hydrogravimetry  is an emergent method to map and monitor active areas within the Critical Zone. It consists in measuring spatial and time-variable gravitational changes, which are sensitive to the amount of water stored within the Critical Zone and therefore water concentration in specific areas (flow paths of […]

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Jacques Hinderer

WP 2.1 leader CNRS Senior Research Scientist Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg Visit Jacques web page Visit Jacques Workpackage page

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CRITEX tools

A key point in the success of CRITEX will be the ability of all groups to work together and share the common equipment through relevant research projects. The equipment program is organized into two main objectives: High frequency measurements in order to close energy and matter budgets at the catchment scale. The pluridisciplinary investigation of hot spots and hot moments […]

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