CRITEX in numbers

CRITEX is one of the 36 equipment programs funded by the “Plan d’investissement pour l’Avenir” initiative of the French Government in order to improve French competitivity.

Administrative management of the project is made by CNRS under the scientific leadership of the two French networks RBV and H+ (Réseau des Bassins Versants and réseau des sites hydrogéologique respectively). RBV and H+ are two national SOERE infrastructure networks funded by Allenvi (alliance of all national environmental research institutions)

CRITEX was awarded 5 M€ for investment (Phase 1 or T1) and 2 M€ for consumable (phase 2 or T2).

It started 09/01/2012 and for 88 months

Kickoff meeting was held in Paris 28th and 29th of October 2012

Signature of the Grant Agreement between all partners was signed 27th of February 2013.

Signature by ANR of the  “ convention attributive d’aide n°ANR-11-EQPX-0011” between ANR and the CNRS Délégation Régionale (DR3) was signed march 28th 2013.

Investment phase (T1) started april 15th.

Phase 1 ends end of July 2017.