The equipment program CRITEX is proposed by two SOERE (Service d’Observation et d’Expérimentation pour la Recherche en Environnement, Observation and Experimentation Service for Research and Environment):

  • RBV (Réseau des Basins Versants, a network of experimental and monitoring drainage basins from the catchment scale to the basin scale)
  • H+ (réseau des sites hydrogéologiques, a network of hydrogeological sites)

Each SOERE consists in a network of instrumented and experimental field sites, with existing long term observation data. These national infrastructures have the mission to share instruments, data and modeling platforms to the community and to be a meeting place for national and international collaboration. The association of RBV and H+ networks reflects the ambition of CRITEX to associate hydrologists, geochemists and hydrogeologists, geophysics and the prominent role of groundwaters in catchment behavior.

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