CRITEX is a project supported by two research facilities: le réseau des bassins versants (RBV, catchment observatory network) and the hydrogeological network H +. The governance of CRITEX aims at promoting synergy between these two networks and development of a more holistic approach to the critical zone.

Coordination: Steering committee and scientific board


CRITEX PI is Prof. Jérôme Gaillardet, geochemist, also manager of SOERE RBV. For scientific questions, he is assisted by Laurent Longuevergne, CR CNRS, researcher in geophysics, also member of the network H +.

Steering Committee

In order to promote synergy between the two H + and RBV networks, the steering committee consists of the PI and co-PI (J. Gaillardet, L. Longuevergne), the two PIs of the H + (Olvier Bour) and RBV (J. Gaillardet) networks. In order to favor a holistic approach to the critical zone, and taking account of the size and scientific diversity of the RBV network (15 observatories), the representatives of the biogeochemical observatories (Anne Probst), hydrological (Guillaume Nord), agronomics (Gaëlle Tallec) and pedological studies (Christian Valentin) are also part of the steering committee. This panel constitutes a reactive committee (7 people) which meets twice a year.

Scientific board

Each network has a scientific advise committee, which is designed to help RBV and H + networks to build common projects and review their progress. In the case of RBV, this scientific council meets once a year on the occasion of the “RBV days”. The scientific council of the H + network meets twice a year, in the form of a scientific day (the “H + days”).

Board of funders

the board of funders gathers all institutional representatives to encourage exchanges between the management committee and the funders, given the multi-institutional character of CRITEX. The funders are INSU (SIC division), INRA, IRD, IRSTEA, Allenvi and BRGM. The committee is chaired by INSU and meets once a year.

Coordination of workpackages (WP): executive committee.

Concerning CRITEX workpackages, each WP is organized by a WP leader responsible for the implementation of the equipment. All WP porters meet once a year to report on the advancement  of the installation and define the hydrogeological site observatories in which the instruments are deployed. It defines the scientific activities of CRITEX with the coordination team.