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Task 6.1: Seismic methods

Bottom News Critex’s seismic on a poster (late 2018) … or in 6 slides (2017 annual report)   Recent paper: Dangeard, M., Bodet, L., Pasquet, S., Thiesson, J., Guérin, R., Jougnot, D., and Longuevergne, 2019. L. Estimating picking errors in near-surface seismic data to enable their time-lapse interpretation on hydrosystems, Near Surface Geophysics, 16(6) Meet us @ next EGU annual […]

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Ludovic Bodet

WP 6.1 leader Associate Professor Pierre and Marie Curie University Visit Ludovic webpage Visit Ludovic Workpackage page

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CRITEX tools

A key point in the success of CRITEX will be the ability of all groups to work together and share the common equipment through relevant research projects. The equipment program is organized into two main objectives: High frequency measurements in order to close energy and matter budgets at the catchment scale. The pluridisciplinary investigation of hot spots and hot moments […]

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