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Field Continuous Measurement of Dissolved Gases with a CF-MIMS: Applications to the Physics and Biogeochemistry of Groundwater Flow

In the perspective of a temporal and spatial exploration of aquatic environments (surface and groundwater), we developed a technique for field continuous measurements of dissolved gases with a precision better than 1% for N2, O2, CO2, He, Ar, 2% for Kr, 8% for Xe, and 3% for CH4, N2O and Ne. With a large resolution (from 1 × 10–9 to […]

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2016 CRITEX meeting, Rennes

On January 21 and 22 2016, a plenary meeting of CRITEX was held on the Beaulieu campus in Rennes. Approximately 100 participants (WP leaders, site managers, guests and external members, ANR representative) met for two days to take stock of the program avancement and to think about the best ways to study the critical zone of the program associated observatories using […]

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The Earth’s Critical Zone, Geochemistry of the Earth’s Surface meeting, GES – 10

The next Geochemistry of the Earth’s Surface meeting (GES 10) will be held in the center of Paris, France, between August 18th and 22nd, 2014. GES 10 will emphasize Critical Zone cutting edge research at all scales, from the elementary processes to global biogeochemical cycles. The GES meeting is a small-size, friendly meeting (< 200 attendees) featuring a limited number […]

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Kick off meeting, 2012, Paris

The kick off meeting of CRITEX was held in Paris on October 29 and 30 2012. CRITEX people met for two days to launch the project by presenting the project funders, the workpackages, the observatories, and to discuss the next steps in the project. Kick off program (in french only) Kick off book (mainly in french) Kick off meeting report […]

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