Goldschmidt conference: this year in Paris!


Goldschmidt is the foremost annual, international conference on geochemistry and related subjects, organised by the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society. The 2017 edition will take place in Paris, France, from August 13th-18th, 2017. More than 3600 abstracts are expected, with up to 4000 attendees. The 2017 conference will feature sessions on a variety of newsworthy topics, including the environment.  More information:

Biogeochemistry is dynamic and involves cycling or exchange or flux of materials between living and non-living components of the biosphere at multiple temporal and spatial scales. This theme welcomes sessions focusing on improving our understanding of global climate and sea level rise impacts and mitigation as related cycling of macro and micro elements. Specifically, we are seeking presentations that will involve micro and macro scale approaches including experimental observations and models in the following topical areas: (1) Biogeochemical cycling of macro-elements: molecular to landscape scales; (2) Recent advances in molecular chemical techniques and biomarkers; (3) Recent advances in microbial ecology and molecular biology; (4) Influence of sea level rise on biogeochemical cycling of macro-elements in coastal and freshwater wetlands, springs, lakes and streams and rivers; (5) Hydrologic connectivity of terrestrial, wetland, and aquatic systems: influence on biogeochemical cycling; (6) Inorganic and organic aerosols in the atmosphere: sources, fate, and fluxes; (7) Extreme environments include fire, hurricane, drought, and salinity impacts, (8) Landuse change including impacts of urban and agricultural practices; (9) carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions, and (10) other related topics :

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