ADAM project: a research position in hydro-agronomy, Rennes

Job title: Analysis of the spatial and temporal variability of concentrations and nutrient flows in the Breton agricultural watersheds

Location: UMR INRA-Agrocampus “Sol Agro and hydrosystem Spatialisation”, 65 Rue Saint Brieuc, Rennes

Duration: 12 months (eventually 24 months)

Remuneration: 1600 euros net /month for Study engineer (to be adapted if hiring research engineer)

Job description: The job offer is part of the project ADAM (Data Analysis for Improvement of Monitoring, proposals for water monitoring in Brittany), funded by the Brittany Region and The Loire-Bretagne Water Agency and co-sponsored by three structures (INRA-Agrocampus UMR “Sol, Agro and hydrosystem Spatialisation”, Continental GéoHydrosystems of Tours University Laboratory and OSUR, Observatory of Sciences and Universe of Rennes). This work has two main objectives: 1) a quantization and a spatio-temporal analysis of the N, P, C, Si concentration and flux indicators as well as N/P/C/Si ratios in relation to the characteristics of the watersheds 2) a proposal of optimal spatial frequencies and distributions to estimate the fluxes with a given uncertainty, for each parameter, adapted according to the characteristics of the catchment, and on the scale of Brittany. This project is part of the research activities put in place to limit agricultural pollution and to combat the eutrophication of surface waters. The candidate will have the following main missions: 1) to establish a database of nutrient concentrations on rivers and reservoirs in Brittany by collecting and collating data produced by national and regional quality monitoring units, Water, research laboratories producing data, and water caterers, in connection with the Water Observatory in Brittany; 2) to analyze the collected data in order to extract information on spatial and temporal variability of concentrations and fluxes at the regional scale, and 3) to compare spatialized pressure indicators (nitrogen and phosphorus surplus, stocks Phosphorus in soil, phosphorus flux brought to the soil by agriculture …) or environment (topography, wetlands, hydrological connectivity of the landscape, etc.).

Profile sought: Candidate must hold:

  • A Master’s degree or equivalent, at a minimum;
  • Knowledge in Water and Environment Sciences
  • Good level in programming (matlab, R)
  • Skills in database construction and management, as well as in the handling of geographic information systems and statistical tools.

Inserted in a multidisciplinary team including hydrologists, geochemists, pedologists, the recruited candidate must demonstrate autonomy and responsiveness, particularly in view of the opportunities that may be encountered in the conduct of the Project, which remains a research project, positioned at the research and society interface. More than a taste for information gathering and data processing, he or she must be dynamic and have a keen sense of dialogue and communication (dialogue with data producers, Field expertise, communication with other project partners). He or she must also possess a spirit of synthesis and a marked taste for bibliographic analysis.

Contact – selection: Send CV and cover letter to the following e-mail address:

rf.ar1719257614ni@le1719257614ucsag1719257614.latn1719257614ahc1719257614; rf.sr1719257614uot-v1719257614inu@r1719257614ataom1719257614.anit1719257614nerol1719257614f1719257614

Prepare for a motivational interview; Deadline for applications: June 15, 2017