Installation of a superconducting gravimeter at the Strengbach site (OHGE)

03 July 2017

A new generation superconducting gravimeter was installed by the EOST / IPG Strasbourg gravimetry team in a building of the TDF antenna on the summit of the Strengbach watershed in the Vosges Mountains (Observatoire HydroGéochimique de l’Environnement, OHGE).

This instrument is one of the three superconducting gravimeters acquired as part of the CRITEX Excellence project, which also enabled the installation of a RiverLab (see our June 14th news). It is the first to be deployed on site after a validation period at the Gravimetric Observatory in Strasbourg.

At the Strengbach site, which has been chosen as one of the CRITEX pilot sites, this gravimeter will measure continuously with very high precision (in the order of pico-g where g is the mean gravity at the surface of the Earth). It will be at the heart of a hybrid gravimetry instrument (which combines observations from simultaneous superconducting, mechanical and absolute gravimeters) set up to ensure spatio-temporal monitoring of changes in groundwater stocks at the scale of basin.

* IGrav # 30 from GWR Instruments

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