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Installation of a superconducting gravimeter at the Strengbach site (OHGE)

03 July 2017 A new generation superconducting gravimeter was installed by the EOST / IPG Strasbourg gravimetry team in a building of the TDF antenna on the summit of the Strengbach watershed in the Vosges Mountains (Observatoire HydroGéochimique de l’Environnement, OHGE). This instrument is one of the three superconducting gravimeters acquired as part of the CRITEX Excellence project, which also […]

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Evaluation and localization of an artificial drainage network by 3D time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography

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In France, 10 % of total arable land is equipped with subsurface drainage systems, to control winter and spring waterlogging due to a temporary perched water table. Most of these systems were installed in the 1980s and have aged since then and may now need maintenance. Sometimes, the location of the systems is known, but the standard situation in France […]

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ENIGMA Innovative Training Network: 15 PhD positions available

The ENIGMA ITN (European training Network for in situ imaGing of dynaMic processes in heterogeneous subsurfAce environments) aims at training a new generation of young researchers in the development of innovative methods for imaging process dynamics in subsurface hydrosystems, in order to enhance understanding and predictive modelling capacities and to transfer these innovations to the economic sector. Scientific and technological […]

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