ADAM project: a research position in hydro-agronomy, Rennes

Job title: Analysis of the spatial and temporal variability of concentrations and nutrient flows in the Breton agricultural watersheds Location: UMR INRA-Agrocampus “Sol Agro and hydrosystem Spatialisation”, 65 Rue Saint Brieuc, Rennes Duration: 12 months (eventually 24 months) Remuneration: 1600 euros net /month for Study engineer (to be adapted if hiring research engineer) Job description: The job offer is part […]

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Autonomous Sensors for Measuring Continuously the Moisture and Salinity of a Porous Medium

Papers - Publications scientifiques

The article describes a new field sensor to monitor continuously in situ moisture and salinity of a porous medium via measurements of its dielectric permittivity, conductivity and temperature. It intends to overcome difficulties and biases encountered with sensors based on the same sensitivity principle. Permittivity and conductivity are determined simultaneously by a self-balanced bridge, which measures directly the admittance of […]

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Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) as a tool for investigation of subsoil in fault zone

As part of « fault-fluids project » the HydroSciences Montpellier (HSM) laboratory is using some geophysical method to investigate in depth. Indeed, structure of fault zone has to be known to understand the flows rules in and through the fault. Thus, we crosscheck geological field data with ERT profiles. ERT method is very appropriate for our study because we can see structure […]

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