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SWIP: An integrated workflow for surface-wave dispersion inversion and profiling

The simultaneous estimation of 2D pressure (P-) and S-wave velocities (VP and VS, respectively) is a promising approach for imaging subsurface mechanical properties. It can be performed with a single acquisition setup by combining P-wave refraction and surface-wave (SW) analysis. Although SW methods are commonly applied for the 1D estimation of VS, 2D profiling requires the implementation of specific processing […]

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IGN : A research position in Physical Geodesy

Context : The French national institute for geographical and forestry information (IGN,Institut National de l’Information Géographique et Forestière) is preparing a major evolution of the French vertical reference system management, in order to decrease the maintenance costs of the leveling network (400,000 bench marks), and to improve the quality of the service to the users. IGN needs notably to improve […]

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