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SWIP: An integrated workflow for surface-wave dispersion inversion and profiling

The simultaneous estimation of 2D pressure (P-) and S-wave velocities (VP and VS, respectively) is a promising approach for imaging subsurface mechanical properties. It can be performed with a single acquisition setup by combining P-wave refraction and surface-wave (SW) analysis. Although SW methods are commonly applied for the 1D estimation of VS, 2D profiling requires the implementation of specific processing […]

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pyGrav, a Python-based program for handling and processing relative gravity data

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pyGrav is a Python-based open-source software dedicated to the complete processing of relative-gravity data. It is particularly suited for time-lapse gravity surveys where high precision is sought. Its purpose is to bind together single-task processing codes in a user friendly interface for handy and fast treatment of raw gravity data from many stations of a network. The intuitive object-based implementation […]

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